August Overnight Excursions

August 17th, 2016

As always, overnight excursions were action packed with a whole lot of fun! The wet weather last week didn’t stop campers from having a great time.

The youngest junior campers, started their overnight with a scavenger hunt up the mountain to collect or spot different objects such as sticks, brown leaves, rocks, birds and many more items found in the Swiss Alps. The collected items were later used to make decorated nature sticks on Wednesday morning. After lunch, it was time to play Minute To Win It! Campers had a great time trying to move cookies from their forehead to their mouths, finding M&M’s, blowing over cups and trying to complete other crazy tasks in 60 seconds. We then headed down to the indoor gym to burn off some energy playing dodgeball and tag before dinner. The stormy weather changed our plans from tenting in the garden to a slumber party in the lodge, so after a few quick games we set up our sleeping area in the movie room, read a story and went to sleep. The petting zoo was the first stop of the day, where we found some goats, chickens and horses and played on the playground. Mr. Erik cooked up a storm with yummy burgers over a fire. Campers found their perfect marshmallow roasting stick to make their dessert. After lunch we walked from the campfire along the river for a swim at the Gstaad indoor pool, where campers showed off their amazing skills on the diving board.

The second group of junior campers had a unique experience as well, the first task for the day was to make tribal groups which they used through out the entire overnight excursion. As we have a variety of international campers, each tribe made a flag based on the campers countries, which they united together. Before lunch, each tribe had a task to make a group cheer, that was presented later on in the day at the indoor gym. After presenting their cheers, it was time to play Dr. Dodgeball, Pac-Man and snake attack. Campers returned to the lodge in search of the perfect stick to turn into a spirit sticks with magical powers. After dinner the counsellors discovered the campers acting skills with a very comical ski night before bed. Wednesday morning it was time to head to Ruedi’s farm for a fresh traditional Swiss breakfast! Campers got to see how cheese is made and visit the cows, goats and horses on the farm. Once all the campers had nice full bellies they hiked down the mountain to find a perfect cook out spot for lunch. After lunch, campers joined the other junior campers for some fun in the pool.

The senior campers had a more challenging and adventurous experience. They headed straight out on a beautiful hike up to the Geltenhutte. The afternoon was spent playing card games and team bonding games while waiting for the weather to clear. Dinner was provided by the hut and was a spectacular Alpine macaroni, soup, salad and the bests chocolate moose in the Saanenland. After telling some stories the tired hikers went off to sleep. Wednesday morning was started with traditional Swiss hut breakfast followed by a walk to waterfalls. The sun finally appeared to give the campers a beautiful view of the freshly snow covered mountains. After time to take plenty of photos campers hiked down the mountain and went back to the lodge for a cookout lunch. After lunch the seniors set up a spectacular carnival night for all the day campers and boarders, it was a perfect way to end the fantastic overnight experience!

We are Looking Ahead to the Winter at Lovell Camps!

August 7th, 2016

Although our August Camp is in full force and the sun is still shining, grass is green, the cows are all through out the mountains, here at Lovell Camps we are looking ahead to the winter! The winter camp program is being prepared carefully and the calendar is filling up quickly with new and returning groups bookings.

Lovell International Camps has terrific winter programs for children of all ages! Every year in December the mountains in the whole region are transformed from cow pastures into ski slopes. The mountains come alive with the sound of excited skiers and snowboarders. The resort of Gstaad has so much to offer with over 200km of ski-able terrain and the only glacial skiing in the Bernese Oberland.

Our winter cam programs are tailored for maximum enjoyment for both day campers and boarders. Ski and snowboard lessons are taught based on participants ability, by our highly qualified and experienced instructors from around the world. Campers spend approximately 25 hours per week in the slopes. Campers also enjoy afternoon program, including skating, sledding, rock climbing, arts & crafts, or language lessons in either English or French. Special activities are planned for during the holidays, including a traditional Christmas dinner and New Years Eve celebrations!

The Mountain Lodge happily accommodates 85-100 people, and has some of the best views in the valley! With large lounges/conference rooms, a superb kitchen and dining hall area and specialized boot rooms and all bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms; this is a perfect venue for groups. School ski trips and group ski holidays to Switzerland are a popular option that we have seen an increase in over the past seasons. We have had groups and schools from Azerbaijan, Denmark, India, Kuwait, Oman, Uganda, Saudi Arabia, England, and Switzerland taking part in our winter programs. All packages can be tailored to meets the group’s specific needs, to include specialized ski instruction, ski races, language lessons, cultural trips to various cities in Switzerland, visits to the Cailler Chocolate Factory, Glacier 3000, Gruyere and/or shopping excursions. We can also accommodate room rentals or lodge rentals for self-catering groups through out the year.

We would be delighted to welcome you this winter! Please contact us for further information.

August Adventure Days!

August 5th, 2016

The August session has begun and is in full force! It is super exciting to see new faces and so many returning faces. So far the campers have been enjoying language lessons, swim lessons and of course the much anticipated interest groups.

Yesterday, the juniors packed their bags for an adventure and hopped on the Rellerli gondola, where once at the top they had a 360 degree view of the valley. Of course the playground and rodelbahn were top hits! The rodelbahn saw campers flying downhill at alarming speeds filling the air with screams of excitement. After a picnic lunch the campers headed back down the gondola and went to the Saanen outdoor pool. Campers loved jumping off the diving boards and sliding down the slide!

Meanwhile, the senior campers took to the high ropes course in Zweisimmen where they enjoyed a morning spent dangling from trees and flying through the forest on the zip lines. This always seems to be one of the highlights for many campers. As usual there is always a group that just wants to keep pushing their limits, they could be found heading to the Black Eagle, the hardest course there is! Campers enjoyed a cook-out for lunch and spent the afternoon splashing and basking in the sun at the Zweisimmen outdoor pool!

Campers and staff are looking forward to the following weeks with many fun activities planned for next week, such as the shopping at the Saanen market, the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, a boat ride on Lake Geneva, overnight excursions, carnival night, disco party and of course, aqua parc!

Time Flies When You Are Having Fun!

July 29th, 2016

Sadly, July camp sessions have come to an end.  Our staff team is sad to see our July campers go, but are confident the children are walking away with lifelong memories! Campers are saying “see you soon” to friends they have made over the past weeks – email addresses and phone numbers have been exchanged to keep in touch with each other through out the year and plans of returning to the Mountain Lodge are already in discussion.
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Overnight Adventures

July 24th, 2016

With our second overnights quickly approaching, we have been reflecting on the first overnight experience that campers participated in. The campers were divided into three different groups based on their ages. Each experience was unique and provided campers with a fun, challenging and rewarding opportunity. Although the weather wasn’t ideal, each group made the most of it and and everyone had a good time!
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Weekend Fun!

July 13th, 2016

The senior and junior campers enjoyed an action packed weekend full of exciting activities! Saturday morning saw all campers take a shopping trip into Gstaad where campers got the opportunity to purchase souvenirs and stock up on treats to eat during that evening’s movie night.  The sun was shining and everyone enjoyed a picnic lunch sitting on the lawn at the Mountain Lodge.  Read more…

Off to a Great Start!

July 7th, 2016

Summer camp 2016 is here at Lovell Camps and we are off to a flying start! Our first campers arrived on Friday July 1st and are already bonding and building new friendships, while learning about each others different nationalities and cultures. There was no better way to welcome our new campers to the Saanenland than roasting marshmallows on our brand new fire pit with an incredible view of the Swiss Alps in the background. The lodge has come back to life with the arrival of many happy faces! Campers have had a jam-packed first few days at camp.
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The Making of the Best Summer Ever!

July 3rd, 2016

The staff at Lovell Camps have been working very hard to make sure everything is ready for when campers arrive. Everything from language lessons, interest groups to excursions have been prepared in order to maximize fun, safety and learning. The camp itself has been refreshed and prepared to feel cozy and inviting. We are all very excited to meet the campers!
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Spring Camp in Full Force!

June 19th, 2016

Over the last couple of weeks Lovell International Camps, has had the privilege to work with two great schools – The Institut de Lancy and Inter-Community School of Zurich. The rain and chilly weather didn’t stop us from having a terrific time together!
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Gstaad – Come Up, Slow Down

May 23rd, 2016

Gstaad, Switzerland has many wonderful things to offer year round and this summer will be no different. Look at the exciting events and festivals that our coming to our region in the upcoming months.
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